In the beginning

The dizzy spells became more frequent. Then a hard fall when the world spun out from under Lynn. Some scrapes and bruises, but mostly bewilderment. A visit to the doctor seemed to indicate vertigo, so physical therapy was called for to shake off the vertigo. After a couple of weeks there was no real change. Then another spinning fall, but this time I was there to help. It was scary. Two days later Lynn was getting a brain MRI and the scan revealed a mass in her brain. Off to the emergency room, then admittance to the hospital for overnight observation and a neurology consultation.

The next morning the brain surgeon talked to us about a large tumor in Lynn’s brain that was creating pressure and causing the dizziness. The only option was brain surgery to remove it before it became a worse. Lynn and I looked at all the information presented, the pros and cons, and decided there was really no choice. The arrangements were made for the procedure and the next evening Lynn was on her way to the OR.

A month before we were living a very happy, normal life. A week before it was just a spell of vertigo. Two days before we were waiting for Lynn to get an MRI. Now we’re looking at a four to five hour brain surgery to remove a tumor.


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