Recovering – part 2

After eleven days in the hospital, mostly in the ICU, Lynn was transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation hospital. She was scheduled for two or three sessions per day. There was physical therapy, speech/cognitive therapy and occupational therapy. The physical therapy worked on her balance and strength. She practiced different walking skills, usually with a walking stick for balance. There were stairs to go up and down. The cognitive therapy helped her establish ways to help with the short term memory problems. Lynn was relearning how to use her smartphone for keeping track of days and appointments. Electronic devices proved to be very difficult. Things that Lynn easily used before, like phones and remote controls, had become a mystery. The occupational therapy was to make sure Lynn was safe in the kitchen or bathroom. All of these sessions were exhausting for Lynn. But the room was quiet and her rest was much better. She could now have flowers, so many friends and family sent beautiful arrangements that brightened her room. It was much better than the chaos of the ICU. I was able to take Lynn outside as long as she was in a wheelchair. Small price for fresh air and sunshine. The days grew more trying for Lynn. She was feeling better and her appetite was returning. Her progress was slow and steady, but Lynn was impatient and tired of hospitals. She was released (with restrictions) to go home after ten days. Hand rails were installed around the house. No unassisted walking or bathroom trips. Lynn was still a bit unsteady and sometimes forgot about her limitations, so she needed supervision. She was going home after three weeks and that is all that mattered to both of us.


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