Lynn was finally out of the hospitals and able to come home. It was so great to have my best friend back and be able to share a bed with her again. Lynn was on many prescriptions which made her sleepy most of the time, and the nausea was still with her. She could walk a little around the house, but with help. There was still a risk of falling. Most of her time was spent napping or watching TV. I picked up all the household duties and managed her calendar of meds and appointments and scans. Lynn also started palliative care so she could have more directed health care and regular home visits. A physical therapist came once or twice a week to help with a set of exercises.

The next real step for treatment was radiation. The radiology doctor recommended a series of 5 straight days of very focused radiation on the site of the tumor. He explained that this would be aggressive, but with fewer side effects than some other methods. Lynn trusted his judgement and the treatments were scheduled. We drove 75 miles roundtrip for each treatment. The drive gave us a chance to talk and it got Lynn out of the house for a while. It wasn’t what you would call a fun outing, but anytime out together was good. The radiation treatments didn’t seem to bother Lynn, but the cumulative effect was an extreme exhaustion by the end. It took several days for her to get over this “bone tired” feeling and to get a little appetite back. Lynn’s eating was improving a little each day and she was getting a little stronger each day. Her spirits were more hopeful as were mine. We watched our favorite shows and ate meals together. We talked and laughed again. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the spring weather. It had been 3 weeks since the radiation ended, and 7 weeks total since Lynn’s release from the hospital. We even went out to eat dinner, at Denny’s. I know, I know. Not the haute cuisine in town, but our criteria was: (1) easy access from the parking lot to the table, and (2) nothing fancy since this was an experiment. We had breakfast for dinner and enjoyed ourselves. Of course, our grown son thought this was very funny when we told him. “You went out for dinner and went to Denny’s?” he laughed. We had fun.



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