Recovering – part 3

Lynn was home again, but she was not very strong. Her appetite was not good, but she was eating a little. Getting around and doing anything required assistance. We now had full time home care to help out. Since the first brain surgery, Lynn had never really had a chance to fully recover and get her strength back. Between the medical setbacks and the side effects of medicines, her appetite had been poor. She had never been able to get started on the next phases of her treatment for the cancer. Lynn’s personality was still the same, she was still Lynn, but she had been through it physically. Everything was taking it’s toll. Physical therapy and palliative care resumed. Lynn needed a productive recovery period. She needed to gain strength before the next treatments.

There were two new protocols that were planned. The first would be immunotherapy, an infusion that was aimed at getting her own immune system to fight the cancer at a high level. This will continue until it is not effective. The next phase is a BRAF inhibitor that targets the specific genetics of the cancer. Both of these therapies are fairly new and are being used to fight melanoma cancers instead of the older style chemo therapies. The side effects are not as severe and they are a bit more effective. Plans and schedules were made. Lynn just needs some time to get stronger.


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