Simple Gestures

I never understood how important a simple little gesture could be to someone who is grieving or in pain. A hand on a shoulder with a knowing look can help that person get through the day. A card in the mail with just "I'm thinking of you" can brighten a mood. Just knowing there is…Read more Simple Gestures


Happy Valentine’s Day

I bought a Valentine's Day card and flowers for Lynn today. I put them on the mantle by Lynn's urn. Tomorrow I will open the card and read it to her. I guess this is one way for me to hold on a little longer. It's one way to feel like she is still here…Read more Happy Valentine’s Day

Random Observations

The house is too quiet. No greeting when I come home. The bed is too big. My arms are empty. There’s only one toothbrush in the holder. Recipes make too much food. Laundry takes half the time. A towel bar is empty. There’s no scent of perfume. No kiss goodnight.


Life and Death Metaphors

I received an email a while back from a friend who was offering some heartfelt support. He recalled a time on a blustery midwest fall day shortly after he had lost his father to cancer. My friend was staring out the front window watching the wind spinning the last leaf on his maple tree. The…Read more Life and Death Metaphors



I cling to her like my own life is in the balance. I search for anything she may have held dear. I look for pictures of any kind that hold her image, her smile, her eyes, her lips, her hair. I build an altar of these images. I seek a scent that is hers. I…Read more Searching


I regret…

the times we were mad at each other.   ever making you unhappy.   not hugging you more.   any time away from you.   not keeping ahold of you from the first time we met.   the roads never explored together.   not savoring every single moment.   not loving you more.