Moving forward (a little)

I've been feeling lately like I need a change. I've looked at moving to a new house and also looked at buying a new car. I am organizing and getting rid of some things that haven't been used in a long time. I can't tell if I'm trying to eliminate so many ever present memories,…Read more Moving forward (a little)


What Remains

Take my sight from me, for I can only see your smiling face. Take my nose from me, for I can only smell your scent. Take all sound from my ears, for I can only hear your voice. Take my voice from me, for I can only call out your name. Take the skin from…Read more What Remains

When is it time?

I recently met a woman who had lost her husband about 14 months ago, around the same time I lost Lynn. She was starting to date again, and had met someone through an online dating site. I asked her how she was able to move on so soon and her answer was that she just…Read more When is it time?


Feelin’ good was easy, Lord

I was looking forward to seeing some old friends as I drove into my old home town. It had been a long time. As I hit the city limits, passing old landmarks, I realized that I had never been here without Lynn. We met in this town. We fell in love in this town. We…Read more Feelin’ good was easy, Lord


Time to Fight, Time to Live

I was reading one of the blogs I follow and the author talked about fighting through each day, fighting to overcome loss and adversity. I reflected on my current life and my own battles to get through each day. When I first faced life without Lynn, I had to fight through every minute of every…Read more Time to Fight, Time to Live


The day the music died

(apologies to Don McClean) I used to live with music in my life. All types of music.  I listened to whatever seemed to feel right. Lynn and I mostly listened to what is now called Classic Rock and Outlaw Country. It was on the system at home. It was on the radio when the car…Read more The day the music died


Life follows Death

For weeks following Lynn’s death, I passed through each day in a fog. Her loss was so disorienting to me that I became forgetful and preoccupied. I stopped caring about many things that seemed to have become trivial. Other things became more clearly important, particularly friends and family. I couldn’t seem to be on time…Read more Life follows Death